Has your “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light come on? If this is the case, you may need to service your engine soon. But how can you identify for sure what is incorrect without getting it to a BMW garage and having the diagnostic testing. The vehicle may still run ok, so what’s the issue.

The light will continue to warn the motorist that there is an emission associated failure on the car. Not all lights will produce a driver dilemma at first. When your check engine or service engine soon light come on, ensure that you have it checked out. Don’t put it off before your vehicle to stop working before you take it in for repairs, because the cost of delaying this is normally higher.

Our professional diagnostic service centre specialist in Medway Kent can perform troubleshooting analyses to fault find your issues. Whether it be electrical cables problem or drivability problems, our diagnostic service will make sure the light doesn’t lead to a roadside failure. After a comprehensive analysis of your engine, we will be able to provide you with a solution to correct the problem.

Unlike other universal car scanner tools that only read fault codes, this software operates nearly ALL the duties like the original dealer diagnostic machine.


Read Identification

Shows total description of a control unit, e.g. part number, software/hardware version, manufacturer, etc.

Read Fault Codes

Shows all stored and pending fault codes with a full explanation (e.g. “Rail pressure – too low pressure”). Program maintenance report printing or copy to clipboard.

Clear Fault Codes

This function clears all stored fault codes and other diagnostic information.

Auto-scan (Complete Car Scan/Test)

Identifies all ECUs (electronic control units) installed in a vehicle and shows all diagnostic fault codes.

Measured Values

Program layouts live Data like Engine Speed, Battery voltage, Oxygen Sensor, Coolant Temperature, etc. Values can be presented in a graph, nine values at once, or full listing (all measured values). Logging to file is also approved, which supports offline analysis.

Actuator Test

Actuator test initiates particular actuator (e.g. apply on fuel pump, lock/unlock wheel, lock/unlock doors, cut off fuel, etc..)

Programming Functions/Adaptation

This piece is of great value in all cars because systems like Engine control units, Immobilisers, Airbags, Alarms, Body Control Units, and any others, need you to perform reset or programming systems after car repair is completed, or even configuration after restoring broken Control Unit.

Emergency Repairs

For all emergency repairs, get in touch with us, and we will help and advise you honestly and much cheaper than a main dealer.

Fully Insured

Our highly experienced specialist engineers are fully insured, plus all of our work is guaranteed, and we will be on time and budget.

High Quality Work

We boast a wide range of specialist enginners who can assist you in all your BMW and Mini repair, service and maintenance needs.

Saving You Time

B And M BMW Specialists Medway Kent are by far the most experienced, honest and affordable BMW Specialists Medway and Kent has to offer.

Brand New Models Welcome, Same As Using Main Dealer But Cheaper!!!

Brand New Models Welcome, Same As Using Main Dealer But Cheaper!!!



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